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Cooperative mobility is making its way


Have you ever wished there were a carpooling service where the driver received 100% of the money changing hands? In contrast to industry giants, a handful of tenacious small players are steadfastly defending the pioneering spirit of collaborative, commission-free mobility.   Commission-free carpooling might seem idealistic, since the vast majority of cooperative mobility platforms now…

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Senior mobility: a national challenge for Japan


At more than a quarter of the population, over 65s in Japan have become a key national mobility concern. In response, public authorities are coming up with innovative solutions. Kane Tanaka is a national treasure. At 116, this Japanese woman is the oldest person alive. And she’s far from the exception: a record number of…

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Tips from Montreal for getting around in the snow

Every winter in Paris, it’s the same story: a few snowflakes, and the ring road turns to chaos. So how do our Canadian friends manage in a climate that’s brutal for six months out of twelve? We take a look at top tips from Montrealers. Barbara can still remember her first Canadian winter: “My colleagues took…

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