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Big Data: imagining a data future

As part of #meetPSAexperts “Big Data: imagining a data future”, our guests were able to talk to Jean-Pierre Dumoulin, expert in the operation and infrastructure of Information Systems. We had already had the opportunity to find out more about Big Data through this interview with our expert. To continue the process, watch a video of what your future might look like and relive the #meetPSAexperts event with Storify!

Imagining a data future

What will daily life be like in 2021? How will Big Data change our habits?  Step into the future of Sophie to see all the aspects of our daily lives that are going to be changed by Big Data and its applications

#meetPSAexperts “Big Data: imagining a data future”

After watching this short film, our experts discussed Big Data and its impact on both individuals and businesses, with particular reference to the automotive sector. Watch an extract from this fascinating debate in this Storify!


What about you? What do you think of Big Data? How do you imagine your data future? Post a comment and tell us!

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