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Switzerland takes up the mobility challenge


The Swiss authorities are developing a range of mobility solutions to try and handle the sharp increase in traffic expected over the next 20 years due to strong population and economic growth.   From now until 2040, passenger and freight transport are forecast to rise by 25% and 37%, respectively, according to a study by the…

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Transformation under way in the corporate fleet market


Exit the company car, enter hybrids, electric vehicles, car pooling and car sharing. New mobility challenges are forcing companies to rethink their fleets, and leasing companies are proposing innovative solutions in response to the shifting landscape.   In 2018, corporate fleets in France experienced a mini revolution. While diesel vehicles continued to dominate the corporate…

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Nudging finds fertile ground in the mobility sector


This behaviour-modifying technique is increasingly used to address mobility issues. Imagine you’re driving down the road when all of a sudden a pedestrian crossing appears hovering in the distance. Instinctively, you slow down. You don’t know it, but those rectangular white stripes are a 3D trompe l’oeil image. This is an example of a nudge.…

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Nantes, a model mobility student


A pioneer in public transport, Nantes is taking steps to build a city that is less dependent on automobiles. From car sharing to bicycle systems, Nantes has adopted a new urban transport plan aimed at improving mobility. Below is an overview of the city’s transport projects. At a time when all other French cities were…

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