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Are trains making a comeback?


As a virtuous mobility solution, the humble train is back in style. While France is considering closing down many small railway lines, other European countries such as Austria and Germany have successfully revitalized their train networks in response to environmental concerns. Transportation by train seems to be back on track. Rail travel may have lost…

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Cycling at any age


What if true happiness came from simple pleasures like feeling the wind in your hair? Volunteers from Cycling Without Age certainly think so! For seven years, the Danish nonprofit organization has been enabling the elderly to enjoy the fresh air from a trishaw. The emotional isolation that comes with aging According to a study conducted…

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A return to waterborne transportation in response to city congestion

mobilité fluviale

Shipping, water taxi services and public transportation: waterborne transportation is at the forefront of initiatives to improve mobility in city centers. Starting in the 1970s, waterborne transportation gave way to faster alternatives such as rail and road transport, but today our cities’ rivers and waterways are making a comeback. Waterway transportation has some major advantages.…

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