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Multimodality is the harmonious combination of different means of transport – e.g., car sharing, bus, tram and train – into a single journey. This is a key mobility challenge that helps save time, limit CO2 emissions and use resources sparingly. Get an insight into multimodality initiatives in the In Movement blog.

The Rush to Luxembourg: eastern France and the challenges of cross-border mobility


The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg enjoys the highest GDP per capital in the European Union. Its dynamic economy is attracting residents from the neighbouring Grand Est region in eastern France, where the industrial decline has hit hard. In fact, no less than 87,000 French nationals, or 7% of the region’s working population, cross the border…

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Algeria’s grand ambition: Mobility


The rapid economic transformation of cities across North Africa has led to an increase in urban rail projects. In the capital city of Algiers, metro and tram systems were introduced in 2011. To keep pace with new development challenges, the metro will be extended to include 34 kilometres of track and 34 stations by 2022.…

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