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Sustainable mobility

The environmental impact of our travel is giving rise to new sustainable mobility challenges. Alternative, environmentally friendly solutions are beginning to emerge. From journey optimisation to traffic restructuring, new means of transport and shared mobility solutions, get an insight into the challenges of sustainable mobility in the In Movement blog.

Yoann Nussbaumer, the whiz kid of clean mobility


Founder of, a website mapping electric vehicle charging stations across Europe, Yoann Nussbaumer has made clean mobility his number one priority. Yoann Nussbaumer has always been mad about cars. With a mechanic turned instructor for a father, there was every chance that Yoann, 36, the eldest of five children, would follow the family trade.…

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An interview with Karine Hillaireau, Head of Sustainability for Groupe PSA


Karine Hillaireau, Groupe PSA’s Head of Sustainability, is leading an unprecedented initiative to make corporate social responsibility (CSR) central to all of the company’s operations. What are Groupe PSA’s CSR challenges? We’ve identified 23 challenges ranging from customer satisfaction and employee diversity to social dialogue and efficient use of natural resources. They have been ranked…

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Solar roadways: the next road revolution?


Solar roadways are starting to pop up all over the world, promising to optimise the dense road network while offering undeniable advantages in terms of energy and the environment. But all is still far from perfect. In January 2019, China opened the world’s first solar highway, the Jinan Expressway, about 400 kilometres from Beijing. A two-kilometre…

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Guillaume Cromer, sustainable tourist


The president of the French organisation Acteurs du Tourisme Durable (ATD) dreams of changing the way people travel on holiday. Meet an activist tourist. Who would have thought that this son and grandson of car dealers would become a fervent activist advocating for sustainable tourism? After several years working as a barman and searching for…

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