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Guillaume Arthuis, hooked on bikes


With the electric conversion kits he sells in his online store, A Bicyclette Paulette, Guillaume Arthuis wants electric bicycles to become the mobility solution of tomorrow. Especially in towns and cities, where the solution he sells is less expensive, less polluting and less stressful than any other mode of transportation. The name of Guillaume Arthuis’ company…

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Cooperative mobility is making its way


Have you ever wished there were a carpooling service where the driver received 100% of the money changing hands? In contrast to industry giants, a handful of tenacious small players are steadfastly defending the pioneering spirit of collaborative, commission-free mobility.   Commission-free carpooling might seem idealistic, since the vast majority of cooperative mobility platforms now…

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Senior mobility: a national challenge for Japan


At more than a quarter of the population, over 65s in Japan have become a key national mobility concern. In response, public authorities are coming up with innovative solutions. Kane Tanaka is a national treasure. At 116, this Japanese woman is the oldest person alive. And she’s far from the exception: a record number of…

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