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Towards intelligent and shared mobility


Our work is all about enabling movement, and with the rise of digital technologies, the ways we get around are changing like never before. The future is being invented every day before our very eyes.
We want to share our perspective on technologies, usages, public policies, and everything that allows us all to share in the advantages of new mobility solutions.
Our purpose isn’t to bring you the latest headlines or announce corporate news. We want to give a voice to mobility-focused companies, institutions, researchers, non-profit organisations, digital start-ups, etc., whose momentum and ideas will help us move forward.
In other words, this platform is for you.
Mobility is our passion, and like all passions, it is fuelled by social and environmental questions and thinking that extend far beyond the drive to create new products and services.
Would you like to join in the adventure? You are welcome to chat directly with the people who post messages here, but more importantly, you can also write to us and have your own posts published on In Movement.

See you soon.

The In Movement team