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Green mobility becomes a reality for businesses


From financial incentives to bicycle and electric scooter fleets, companies are multiplying their initiatives to encourage employees to forego their cars.

One in two employees works less than eight kilometers from his or her home, according to the French statistics institute INSEE. But in 70% of the cases, the trip is undertaken by car, and lasts an average of 32 minutes! Although the company vehicle continues to be the preferred travel solution due to the related economic benefits, the situation is beginning to change. This is especially true in France since the adoption of legislation requiring companies with over 100 employees to establish a mobility plan favoring transportation options other than personal cars. Seven in ten French people say they are willing to use an alternative to the car, and 84% of those surveyed consider that new electric modes of transportation (micromobility) save time.

From meal vouchers to transportation cards

One way to encourage staff to choose eco-friendly transportation is through the use of financial incentives. As part of its mobility bill, the French government will roll out a sustainable mobility package in January 2020 that will replace the existing bicycle mileage allowance. The package allows companies to provide a subsidy of up to €400 a year to employees who cycle to work, exempt from income tax and social security contributions. Not only is the subsidy €200 more than the bicycle mileage allowance, it also covers other forms of shared mobility. Along the same lines as the meal voucher system, companies will also be allowed to provide employees with prepaid mobility cards that can be used to buy a bicycle, rent a scooter or e-bike, or make other approved transportation purchases.

Get people biking

To promote green mobility, Ankama, a Roubaix-based business with four facilities located within two kilometers of each other, has built a secure bicycle garage equipped with showers, lockers and a changing room for employees who bike to work or between work sites.Mobility Tech Green provides companies with electric bike share systems, charging stations included. The bicycles can be used to commute to and from work, go to a business meeting or have lunch in town. Employees can also reserve a bike for their own personal use in the evening or on the weekend at a reduced cost.

Electric micromobility

Danone and Orangina-Schweppes have both implemented shared e-scooter programs. Under a rental agreement with Mobistreet, the beverage firm pays a little over €500 a month to let its employees use the scooters free of charge. Users can reserve and check out a scooter from one of the docking stations located on the company premises via a smartphone app. Given that the closest subway stop is a 15-minute walk away, the micromobility solution offers undeniable benefits. Employees who use the scooters to go home after work are fully insured.

Green mobility solutions save time, help attract and retain talent, and offer many other benefits, making them increasingly popular among employees.

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