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company mobility

Car sharing, vehicle fleet management, access to transport: promoting mobility has become a major challenge for companies. Discover In Movement’s insights into new ways of getting around.

Transformation under way in the corporate fleet market


Exit the company car, enter hybrids, electric vehicles, car pooling and car sharing. New mobility challenges are forcing companies to rethink their fleets, and leasing companies are proposing innovative solutions in response to the shifting landscape. In 2018, corporate fleets in France experienced a mini revolution. While diesel vehicles continued to dominate the corporate mix,…

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Company location: when access to transport becomes strategic


Employee mobility is still too often glossed over in companies’ location strategies. But faced with today’s mobility challenges, employer attitudes are beginning to change. From freight transport to delivery cost-cutting, business travel and commutes, mobility is vital for the day-to-day running of companies, which need to be seamlessly connected with their surroundings wherever they operate.…

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