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Inclusive mobility

Mobility is essential to social inclusion. Getting to work, accessing health care services or attending training all require transport. Working towards inclusive mobility means overcoming geographical, social, financial and physical barriers so that everyone can benefit from the same mobility opportunities. In Movement gives you an insight into the initiatives contributing to fairer and more inclusive mobility for all.

Mobility as a key to employment


Nearly a quarter of all French people have had to give up on a job or training course because they were unable to get there. Solving mobility problems has become a priority for helping people back into employment. According to a survey commissioned by the Laboratoire de la Mobilité Inclusive, half of all job­seekers in…

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Charlotte de Vilmorin: there’s no holding her back


Charlotte de Vilmorin, who has been in a wheelchair all her life, founded Wheeliz, the first online adaptive vehicle hire platform for mobility-impaired people. All roads lead to Rome, the saying goes. But try telling that to all the mobility-impaired people for whom leaving their homes is a daunting task in itself. They can feel…

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Anne Perriaux, an inclusive entrepreneur

Signalétique inclusive

Anne Perriaux is an illustrator. She is also the creator of 630°EST, a company that develops pictorial communication tools for people with specific cognitive needs. She wanted to do something meaningful with her profession by bringing an inclusive approach to the world of business. And that’s exactly what she did two years ago by founding…

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Bringing care back to the home to help those with reduced mobility


Delivering care to those who are homebound helps fight social isolation among vulnerable people. It also contributes to regional economic development. For some people, doing errands, seeing the doctor, filling out an administrative form or simply getting around can be difficult and exhausting. Senior citizens, who in France number 15.6 million according to the INSEE…

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