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reduced mobility

Khadija Jallouli’s dream is to make electric vehicles that come in a kit for people with reduced mobility


Khadija Jallouli has relied on a wheelchair since the age of 10. In 2016, she founded HawKar, a company whose goal is to make self-assembly electrical vehicles for the disabled. During her youth, Khadija Jallouli traveled across her native Tunisia with her father, a hotel director. But day-to-day life has always been a challenge for…

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Charlotte de Vilmorin: there’s no holding her back


Charlotte de Vilmorin, who has been in a wheelchair all her life, founded Wheeliz, the first online adaptive vehicle hire platform for mobility-impaired people. All roads lead to Rome, the saying goes. But try telling that to all the mobility-impaired people for whom leaving their homes is a daunting task in itself. They can feel…

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